Speaking of Justice

Attorney Dree Collopy, A Practical guide to US Asylum Law and Procedure

Episode Summary

In this weeks episode of Speaking of Justice, Attorney Dree K. Collopy, author of AILA's Aslylum Primer, A practical Guide to US Asylum Law and Procedure, joins Mark Wahlstrom to discuss current events in immigration law, Asylum law practice and a summary of this definitive guide to Asylum Law Practice. Few areas of law are in the news more than issues regarding Aslyum and immigaration and Dree has been a tireless advocate for the rights of those seeking asylum. This discussion on what is happening at the border, the break down in process and confusion in the current system will be of interest to anyone who is in the practice of immigration law, as well as citizens with friends and family seeking asylum. You can learn more about Attorney Dree Collopy and her firm, which is located in Washington, DC by checking out her website at Benach Collopy, LLP. You can also go to the website for the American Immigration Lawyers Association to find out more about the book, how to purchase it and to get involved or educated on this unique area of immigration law.

Episode Notes

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